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About Us

Health Research Charities Ireland (HRCI) is the national umbrella organisation of charities active in health, medical and social care research, together representing over 1 million people in Ireland. Through support and advocacy, we represent their joint interests, to achieve our vision of improved lives through a united community of health research charities

We offer our members the potential for matched research funding through the Joint Funding Scheme, run in partnership with the Health Research Board. We also run the Irish Health Research Forum (IHRF), bringing together all stakeholders to improve health research in Ireland.

Our approx. 40 charities member charities invested more than €15 million in research in 2019 (for context, that is one third of the annual HRB budget) and every extended family in Ireland is connected to at least one of these organisations. Beyond financial investment, they ensure the relevance of research to the communities they represent, communicate its findings and insist that it has impact for people. Together these charities provide a beautiful example of what research means to people and families and how the impact of research reaches every village in Ireland.

Our Vision

Improved lives through a united community of health research charities.

Our Values

  • We are always guided in our actions by the needs of our member organisations and Irish patients.
  • We are ambitious in our goals which we achieve through strong leadership.
  • We are inclusive, transparent and act with integrity in all our dealings.
  • We are collaborative in our approach and use our resources wisely.

Our Funding

Health Research Charities Ireland is funded through membership fees and levies, the Pobal Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO), and the Health Research Board.


A Brief History of HRCI (previously called the Medical Research Charities Group)


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