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Intellectual Property

Each one of our member organisations engages in research with the purpose of achieving health benefits for patients and the public. With the end goal in sight, funding research is only the start of this process.

Innovative technologies invariably need large amounts of funding in order to be brought to market. This requires them to be commercialised – a process which usually starts with the generation of intellectual property which may be then bought or licensed. We work with funders and technology transfer offices to ensure that what is important to our members is reflected in contracts and agreements relating to intellectual property and knowledge transfer.

The recommendations linked to below provide guidance on the appropriate way to protect, manage and exploit intellectual property and to publicise research findings, generated in the course of a charity-funded research project.

Please note: The recommendations are intended as a guide only and are not a substitute for legal advice. Please note that HRCI cannot take responsibility for any actions taken in reference to this document.

HRCI Recommendations on Intellectual Property & Knowledge Transfer For Charity-Funded Research

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