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Working With Industry

The engagement of patient organisations with the healthcare industry has the potential to speed the development and improve the quality of treatments for health conditions. Patient organisations can add much value to pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries, due to their knowledge of the patient experience and the relevant community. Industry often provides valuable financial support to patient organisations, enabling them to undertake their important work.

In engaging with industry however, it is essential that patient organisations act according to the highest standards of good governance, in order to best represent patients and to protect their independence and reputation.

To facilitate patient organisations in this regard, we have developed a template Code of Practice to guide engagement between charities and the healthcare industry. Most similar codes/guidelines are written from the perspective of industry. This code takes into consideration the governance requirements of industry but has been developed from the patient organisation perspective.

It will hopefully provide patient organisations with a starting point for what they need to consider in their dealings with the healthcare industry and can be adapted according to the situation and needs of individual organisations.

MRCG Template Code of Practice Engaging with the Healthcare Industry

PDF icon MRCG Template Code of Practise Engaging with the Healthcare Industry (MRCG_Template_Code_of_Practice_Engaging_with_the_Healthcare_Industry_March_18.pdf | 1.34 MB)


DOC icon MRCG Template Code for Engaging with Industry (MRCG_Template_Code_for_Engaging_with_Industry-March_18.doc | 564 kB)

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