Biobanking in Ireland: Moving Forward


16th November 2023

HRCI was delighted to welcome attendees to this in-person Irish Health Research Forum event.

Biobanks are a backbone in the advancement of medicine through scientific discovery. Research on human tissue samples, including blood, skin, DNA etc., along with the associated patient information, allows us to better understand and treat medical conditions.

Despite their importance, managing a biobank in Ireland comes with its share of challenges. There is limited information about what biobanks exist in Ireland and a lack of support for them to operate at the highest levels so that they can lead to patient impact.

At this Irish Health Research Forum we discussed recent developments in biobanking and explored how to overcome the challenges. Attendees contributed their perspectives through discussion groups and a robust Q&A session. A report and reccommendations will be produced in the coming months.

Together we aim to pave the way for improved patient outcomes in Ireland through biobanking.

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Who attended this event?

The Irish Health Research Forum has a track record in running engaging events that are attended by many leaders and a diverse audience. Key decision makers, as well as researchers (academic & clinical), health research charities, patients and PPI contributors, policy makers, funders, industry representatives, people in research and PPI support roles and many others attended and added great value to the discussions. This event attracted people with an interest in biobanking, coming from any perspective.



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