Developing a PPI Strategy: A Guide


September 2018

It is an exciting time in health research. Barriers between the research community and the public are being eroded, we are taking a broader view of what constitutes expertise and research is now more likely than ever to result in impact for the people it is intended to help. Patient and public involvement in research is growing and is here to stay.

For groups looking to incorporate PPI into their practices for the first time or to develop their PPI practices further, there are many things to think about. This guide aims to lead you through the things you need to consider and to support you in putting a PPI strategy in place. It is primarily targeted at charities and patient organisations with a focus on health research. However, it could also be adapted for other groups.

If PPI is new to you, our advice is to start small (and simple) and revise and expand the strategy as your activities evolve and as you gain experience. It might form part of your overall strategy or stand alone. Very importantly, while this guide urges you to aim high, you should not be daunted if some of the guidance is not currently possible for you. The most important thing is the make a start – reaching out to those you are working on behalf of can only ever be a good thing.

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Developing a PPI Strategy: A Guide (629 kB)

Practical advice on developing a patient and public
involvement (PPI) strategy for research activities.