Health research – how to be responsive and resilient in the face of crises

Covid has had an impact on almost every aspect of life and health research is no exception. On top of Covid, the Irish health service was faced with an additional crisis in the form of the recent cyber-attack. Despite the enormous challenges caused, these crises have led to a period of unprecedented innovation, collaboration and an increased public appetite for health research.

At this event we reflected on the difficulties faced but also on the adaptations and innovations we have made as a community and what we can take forward in our shared mission to improve lives through research. We brought together diverse and expert perspectives for discussions on the impact of the crises on the people in research and on how we do research.

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IHRF Report- How to be responsive and resilient in the face of crises

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Health research - responsive resilient in crisis_Nov 2021 Snapshot


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Impact on how we do research panel
Impact on people panel