HRCI HRB Joint Funding Scheme update June 2024

It’s been a very busy period for the Joint Funding Scheme as the charities entered the final stages of the application process.  Supported by monthly Q&A sessions and one-to-one assistance where needed, the charities completed the peer review and applicant response phases in February and submitted their chosen applications to the HRB from the end of February to the end of March (a total of 21 eligible applications were ultimately received by the HRB). Meanwhile, eight PPI reviewers were recruited to the JFS Joint Selection Panel: four via HRCI and four via the HRB.

In April and May, we collaborated with the HRB to provide training for all the PPI reviewers, to brief the scientific panel (these are 7 international scientific experts who reviewed applications for scientific quality and design), and to brief the Chair of the Joint Selection Panel. We emphasised the extent of the work put in by charities to the application before this point, and the need for reviewers to appreciate and respect charities’ contribution as co-funders of the applications.

Finally, on the 28th and 29th of May, the Joint Selection Panel meeting was held, at which all applications underwent scientific and PPI review.  Importantly, the PPI reviews applied a rating correction factor to the scientific score which had a significant impact on the fundability of applications.  Of the 21 applications discussed at this meeting, 11 projects were approved for funding (subject to HRB Board approval) and 1 project was placed on the reserve list.

The next steps involve the HRB submitting the list of funded projects to the HRB Board for approval at the end of June, after which outcome letters will be sent to all Principal Investigators.  Contracts for successful projects will be issued in September/October this year.