HRCI Members Guide

HRCI have developed a guide for our members – it’s designed with new members in mind but should be useful for everyone.  It describes our strategic aims, the work we do, our organisational structure, Board of Directors and staff.  It also explains the acronyms you may come across as a HRCI member.  We hope you find it useful!

How can I get the most out of being a HRCI member?

Join us for meetings & events. We know it is not always possible but come along when you can. This is where you will meet other members, connect with them and learn from each other. At Irish Health Research Forum events you will also meet all types of people involved in health research in Ireland and will grow your organisation’s network. 

Come to Board & Member Meetings in particular. Our open Board meetings are a little unusual but also special. This is where you will hear from guest speakers, learn about HRCI’s activities and hear what other members are up to.

Join the mentorship programme. Unless you already have lots of experience in health research, mentorship from one of our long-term members will be invaluable in developing your research activities.

Share your wins and your challenges. This is how members learn from and support each other and how HRCI gets to know about the things that are important to you.

Don’t be shy. We sometimes put a call out for speakers, for other roles or seek your views. We are always very grateful to hear back from you and it really helps us to do our work.

Ask for help. Between the staff and the board we have huge experience in all things relating to health research so always feel free to ask our advice.