HRCI / PPI Ignite Network – Charities & Researchers Partnering Guide

Guidance for charities, other civil society organisations, researchers, research institutions and funders, to achieve successful research partnerships.

This publication delves into the immense value that arises when charities and researchers partner to achieve societal benefit from research. The amalgamation of their distinct expertise and wisdom holds the potential to improve lives. However, despite the promise, there remains a lack of comprehensive guidance on how to navigate these partnerships effectively and address all relevant considerations. 

This guide is the result of a collaborative effort between Health Research Charities Ireland (HRCI) and the PPI Ignite Network. We are grateful for the valuable input received from diverse individuals representing various roles within partnerships.  

During the writing process, a realisation emerged—understanding each other’s perspectives is the pivotal starting point for successful partnerships. As a result, this guide places strong emphasis on fostering mutual understanding. It also offers recommendations to four crucial stakeholder groups: charities, researchers, research institutions, and funders.  

The Guide was officially launched at the opening event of the National PPI Festival, in October 2023. We see this guide as an initial step in a broader conversation that we hope will lead to the establishment of more effective and impactful research initiatives that propel us towards our shared goals.