HRCI publishes new 2020 – 2023 strategy: Together for better health research

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We made very strong progress with limited resources over the course of our 2016-2019 strategy. It is now time to consolidate that progress and to extend our influence further, in ways that are meaningful to our objectives.

Following in-depth consultation with our Directors, members and other stakeholders, we have laid out four strategic aims to guide our activities over the next three years:

1. Ensure impactful health research through increased patient and public involvement (PPI)

2. Facilitate an increase in the quantity and quality of health research through the Joint Funding Scheme

3. Support and inform HRCI members, to increase their capacity to engage in health research

4. Positively influence Ireland’s development as an excellent place to do health research

HRCI strategy front cover


Our Vision

Improved lives through a united community of health research charities.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision through leading a vibrant, impactful and patient-led network of Irish health research charities.

Please read our full strategy here