Health Research Charities Ireland Strategy 2024- 2027

Strategy 2024-2027 screenshot

This strategy is the culmination of thorough assessment and planning. We made very strong progress with limited resources over the course of our previous strategy. In line with our vision, it is now our intention to build that progress and to extend our influence further. In doing this, we will be responsive, collaborative and ambitious in our work. Here, we outline our vision, values and four strategic aims. The full strategy is available in both PDF and Word versions below.

Our Vision

Health Research Charities Ireland (HRCI) is the national umbrella organisation of charities engaged in health, medical and social care research, collectively representing over 2 million people in Ireland. We champion our members’ interests to enhance the environment for health research in Ireland. We empower them to realise our shared vision of improving lives through impactful research.

Our Values

  • We are ambitious and strive to continuously improve and innovate, to accomplish our vision of improving lives through impactful research.
  • We are creative, resourceful and unafraid to challenge conventions when we believe there is a better way.
  • We are open and transparent, acting with integrity in all our dealings.
  • We are always guided in our actions by the needs of our member organisations and the people they serve.
  • We value our colleagues and partners, treating each other with fairness, kindness and respect.
  • We are collaborative in our approach and prioritise equity, inclusion, and dignity in all our relationships.

Our Strategic aims

  1. Empower HRCI members in their research activities
  2. Facilitate excellent research through the HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme
  3. Strengthen PPI and the involvement of our members in health research
  4. Positively influence Ireland’s health research landscape

HRCI Strategy 2024 – 2027 PDF Version

HRCI Strategy 2024 – 2027 Word Version