Forum Report May 2022 – Embedding research in the Irish health service

Research is vital for achieving better outcomes for patients and the public who use health services in Ireland.  Current frustrations, positive developments, new ideas and an unshakable belief in the possible stimulated lively, challenging, engaged, multi-stakeholder discussions at the Forum event. Speakers included Prof Philip Nolan, SFI Director General; Dr Philip Crowley, National Director for Research and Strategy, HSE; Dr Ana Terres, Head Of Research and Evidence, HSE; Dr Sarah McLoughlin, patient advocate; Professor Paul McNally, Director of Research and Innovation; and others. 

Nuanced by input from our expert Steering Group, the Irish Health Research Forum offers the following crucial recommendations under two main headings:

  • Nurturing a culture where research is valued and integrated in the Irish health service
  • Ensuring that patients and the public are valued and integrated at the heart of research.

The report also highlights some high-level challenges and opportunities for embedding research in the Irish health system.

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A snapshot of the report