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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the Irish Health Research Forum?

The Irish Health Research Forum is run by Health Research Charities Ireland. In 2014, HRCI commissioned a report on the health research landscape in Ireland, which made a number of insightful recommendations, including an overarching recommendation to establish an Irish Health Research Forum – a mechanism to provide a single Irish voice for research to improve health.

As an independent organisation, representing 45+ charities and with a strong patient-focus, HRCI is ideally placed to bring people together to tackle the big issues in health research and to bring about change. We are supported in all Irish Health Research Forum activities by an exceptional and diverse Steering Group of leaders. Click here for more information

What is the purpose of the Irish Health Research Forum?

The Irish Health Research Forum considers key health research issues at two events every year and produces widely used reports and recommendations. The events are constructive and inclusive, with benefit to patients and the public being at the heart of all activities. Previous events have focussed on Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in research, biobanking, research ethics, maximising societal benefit from health research, embedding research in the Irish health service, how health research can be responsive and resilient in the face of crises, advancing genomics research, working across health services & academia, data protection and the Health Research Regulations,  GDPR and health research, health research priorities, how legislation can facilitate health research, prioritising research questions for policy, practice and services and more.

Who decides what the theme for each Irish Health Research Forum will be?

The Irish Health Research Forum Steering Group includes representatives from the HSE, Science Foundation Ireland, the HRB, Cancer Trials Ireland, the National Clinical Trials Office, the National Research Ethics Committee Office, Irish Research Nurses & Midwives, the National Children’s Research Centre, the National PPI Ignite Network, the Technological Higher Education Association, HRCI members and patient and public representatives.

The Steering Group meets 4 times per year to agree on topics for the Irish Health Research Forum events, share knowledge and listen to feedback from previous events. Steering Group members work with HRCI to determine themes for events and decide on who should be invited to speak and sit on panels. They assist in moderating discussion tables at events and assist in forming the recommendations which come from the Forum events.

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