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Robert O'Connor

Director HRB National Clinical Trials Office

Robert O'Connor

HRB National Clinical Trials Office

Robert O’Connor, PhD, is an experienced research director with over 25 years of expertise. He is passionate about utilising research to enhance health outcomes, particularly in clinical trials, oncology, pharmacology, translational health research and life sciences. 

Having completed his PhD, Robert was one of the first to take laboratory cancer research into early-stage clinical trials in Ireland. He played a significant role as an executive chair at ICORG (now Cancer Trials Ireland), facilitating networking and funding for interdisciplinary translational cancer research. 

He served as a researcher and lecturer in the NICB and School of Nursing at Dublin City University. As the Director of Research for the Irish Cancer Society, he successfully advocated for research inclusion in national cancer treatment policies, integrated patient partnership into research and provided tailored funding to promote health professionals’ involvement in research. 

Robert also contributed to several national health organisations as a board member and offered strategic support and consultancy to charities, companies and various stakeholders in the health sector. 

As the director of the National Clinical Trials Office, Robert strives to promote impactful clinical research growth in Ireland. His focus remains on aligning the office’s efforts with patient needs and the ambitions of health researchers, indigenous start-ups, and European and international organisations, companies and partners. 

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