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Open Research Calls

Round 10 of the HRCI/HRB Joint Funding Scheme opened on October 1st 2019. Below is a list of the calls that were issued by our member organisations (all of which have now closed).

We encourage interested researchers to contact the charities directly with any queries they may have. 

The next round of the Joint Funding Scheme will open in Autumn 2021. It’s never too early to prepare! 

Irish Thoracic Society 

Opening Date: 18th November

Closing date:  Monday 16th December (pre-application/letter of intent)

Level of funding: €100,000 over two years (€50,000 per year)

Duration of Funding: 2 years

Focus of the call: We are inviting research proposals that support the Irish Thoracic Society’s mission of facilitating high quality research that will benefit patients (adult and paediatric) and contribute to knowledge around the causes, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory conditions. These include asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, interstitial lung disease, sarcoidosis, sleep disorders and lung cancer. 

Centre for Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases

Opening Date: 7th November

Closing date:  18th November (for completion of pre-application form. Full applications will be invited from shortlisted applicants thereafter with a closing date of Jan 24th 2020)

Level of funding: TBC

Duration of Funding: TBC

Focus of the call: Inflammatory Arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by synovial inflammation and subsequent destruction of cartilage and done, leading functional disability. A significant proportion of patients have sub-optimal or no response to our current treatments. Thus focused research is needed to better understand the underlying disease processes, specifically at the site of inflammation, the synovium, in order to identify molecular profiles that may predict progression, response and identification of new therapeutic targets. Therefore the focus of this call is to fund research aimed at understanding molecular pathways/mechanisms at the single cell level in synovial tissue,  from well-defined cohorts of patients with inflammatory arthritis (RA and PsA), using high-throughput technologies and bioinformatic approaches.   Applications must be translational patient focused research.

Epilepsy Ireland

Opening Date: 3rd October 2019

Closing date: 18th November (for completion of pre-application form. Full applications will be invited from shortlisted applicants thereafter with a closing date of Jan 24th 2020)

Level of funding: Up to €50,000 per annum in total.

Duration of Funding: Up to 3 years.

Focus of the call: For the 2019/2020 round of research funding, we will prioritise applications on the following topics: SUDEP; Cannabinoids; Epilepsy and intellectual disability; Technology/Assistive Tech; Rare/Complex epilepsy; Pregnancy and epilepsy; Diet & nutrition in epilepsy; Psychosocial aspects (to include comorbidities, cognitive/ behavioural effects, employment/education/ QoL etc.) For this round only, we also wish to prioritise studies that focus directly on people with epilepsy (and/or families), rather than pure laboratory-based research.

Breakthrough Cancer Research

Opening Date: 1st October 2019

Closing date:  8th November 2019 (5pm GMT)

Level of funding: Funding up to €300,000

Duration of Funding: Projects from 12-36 months

Focus of the call:  Increasing Survival of Patients with Poor Prognosis Cancers 

Fighting Blindness

Opening Date: 1st October 2019

Closing date: 31st October 2019

Level of funding: up to €300,000

Duration of Funding: 12 to 36 months 

Focus of the call:  Fighting Blindness is committed to the development of therapies that are accessible to all patients affected by sight loss and the wide spectrum of retinal degenerative disease through the pursuit and enablement of scientific medical research.

Cystinosis Ireland

Closing date: 18th November

Level of funding: Up to €100,000 per annum in total.

Duration of Funding: Up to 3 years.

Focus of the call: Cystinosis Ireland is open to receiving research proposals in any research area that has potential to improve the lives of people living with cystinosis and their families.

However, Cystinosis Ireland is particularly interested in the following research topics: all aspects of basic cystinosis research, including molecular and cellular biology understanding of the cystinosis disease; development of new therapeutics and therapeutic targets including new drug development and stem cell therapies; development of disease models; investigation into the side effects of cysteamine; muscle weakness; bone issues, including knock knees; eating and appetite issues; ocular issues; transitional care models; psychosocial and socioeconomic impacts of long-term childhood disease and impact on patient lives.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Closing date: 3rd November 2019 (midnight)

Level of funding: Up to €80,000 per annum 

Duration of Funding: Up to 2 years.

Focus of the call: Community based supports/services/engagement.

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

Closing date: 18 November (for completion of pre-application form. Full applications will be invited from shortlisted applicants thereafter with a closing date of 17 January 2020.)

Level of funding: Up to €50,000 per year

Duration of funding: 12 to 36 months

Focus of the call: Muscular Dystrophy Ireland aims to: gain a greater understanding of neuromuscular conditions in order to develop potential treatments and ensure a route for clinical trials; support more studies into ultra-rare conditions; and facilitate quality of life research. Our research priorities are to: optimise the potential of genetics in order to enhance our understanding of why people with the same condition are affected differently and, also, so that more people receive a confirmed genetic diagnosis, which will help us to better understand the conditions; understand disease mechanisms; support treatment development; and improve quality of life. MDI encourages proposals for all types of research including basic, clinical, psychosocial and health services research.

Irish Cancer Society

Opening Date: Monday 7th October

Closing date: 3pm Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Level of funding: €300,000

Duration of Funding: 12-36 months

Focus of the call: The theme for the Irish Cancer Society call as part of the HRCI/HRB Joint Funding Scheme is- Immuno-oncology.The Irish Cancer Society, as part of the MRCG/HRB Joint Funding scheme 2019, is inviting applications to support inter-disciplinary and/or inter-institutional translational research in the area of immuno-oncology.


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