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Past Rounds

A total of 151 awards have been made since the inception of the scheme with a total investment of €25 million.

While no differentiation is made between charities or disease areas, the scheme has been particularly beneficial for rare diseases where research being undertaken internationally may be limited.

Round 11 Joint Funding Scheme 2022

Charity TitlePrinciple InvestigatorResearch Institution
Cystinosis IrelandEvaluation of a novel drug combination treatment for nephropathic cystinosis in a new cystinotic rat model.Dr Jennifer HollywoodUniversity of Auckland
Family Carers IrelandCounting the cost: The contribution of older carers in Ireland and impact of caring on mental health and wellbeing of carersDr Christine McGarrigleTCD
Central Remedial ClinicParticipation in physical activity: what really matters to adolescents with physical disability?Dr Ailish MaloneRCSI
Central Remedial ClinicAn investigation into the prevalence and experience of psychopathology and mental disorders among children and adolescents with cerebral palsyDr Jennifer RyanRCSI
Arthritis IrelandSustaining activity with arthritis (SAWA) following an Arthritis Ireland Be active with arthritis (BAWA) exercise programmeProf Suzanne McDonoughRCSI
Cystinosis IrelandInvestigating the potential of CTNS-mRNA loaded nanoparticles as a new therapeutic strategy for nephropathic cystinosis.Prof Elena LevtchenkoUniversity Hospitals Leuven and KU Leuven
Fighting BlindnessRetinal Dystrophy in Ciliopathies (RDCilia): modelling patient mutations to decipher disease mechanisms, interpret Variants of Uncertain Significance, and uncover therapeutics.Dr Oliver BlacqueUCD
Breakthrough Cancer ResearchSurgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, but now what? Exploring the rehabilitation needs of people with brain tumours in IrelandDr Kathleen BennettRCSI
Cystic Fibrosis IrelandPathways to Improving Transition to Adult Services & Enhancing Self-Management in Adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis: A New Era of TreatmentsDr Caroline HearyNUIG
MSD Action FoundationEx vivo autologous stem cell gene therapy for Multiple Sulfatase DeficiencyDr Rebecca Ahrens-NicklasChildrens Hospital of Philadelphia
MSD Action FoundationAdvanced, automated compound screening for the identification of therapeutic agents in Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency.Dr Lars SchlotawaFraunhofer ITMP
Irish Cancer SocietyCombining HDAC6 inhibitors with KRAS inhibitors for the treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)Dr Caitriona DowlingUL
Irish Kidney AssociationPatient-led development of a “Patient Reported Outcomes” instrument to improve health-related quality of life in patients with Glomerular Disease – PRO-GDDr Michelle O'ShaughnessyUniversity of Galway
Epilepsy IrelandLong non-coding RNAs: regulators of epileptogenesis and potential targets for therapyDr Gary BrennanUCD
Epilepsy IrelandPredicting and monitoring outcomes in Autoimmune Encephalitis (POTA)Prof Norman DelantyRCSI
DEBRA Ireland
A pain and wound management approach for RDEB patients via a functionalized collagen-based hydrogel dressing with controlled release of painkillers
Prof Wenxin Wang
Conor Foley Neuroblastoma Cancer Research Foundation
Development of mRNA Vaccines for Children with High-Risk Neuroblastoma
Dr Olga Piskareva
Breakthrough Cancer Research
Developing an innovative patient-centred xenograft model of multiple myeloma and its use in testing novel antagonists of JAM-A signalling
Dr Ann Hopkins
Cystic Fibrosis IrelandCystic Fibrosis Liver Disease (CFLD); predicting and prescribing in the era of CFTR modulators
Dr Emer Fitzpatrick

Round 10 Joint Funding Scheme 2020

CharityTitlePrincipal InvestigatorResearch Institution
Cystic Fibrosis IrelandExploring diet quality in Cystic Fibrosis - enablers and barriers to eating a healthy diet
in CF.
Dr Audrey TierneyUniversity of Limerick
Breakthrough Cancer ResearchUtilising proteomics-derived data in establishing predictive biomarker signatures to assist therapeutic decision-making in Multiple MyelomaProfessor Peter O’GormanUniversity College Dublin
CARDTo identify the underlying mechanisms involved in driving the distinct pathogenesis observed in PsA and RA, and to define how these impacts on therapeutic responseProfessor Ursula FearonTrinity College Dublin
Breakthrough Cancer ResearchGetting a Handle on Non-Canonical Polycomb Repressor Complex 1 (nc-PRC1) Dysfunction in Oncogenesis.Professor Maureen J. O’SullivanTrinity College Dublin
The Alzheimer Society of IrelandIncluding best practices and the voices of experience in developing post-diagnostic dementia support guidelines for people with an intellectual disability.Prof Mary McCarronTrinity College Dublin
Irish Thoracic SocietyCorrecting Pulmonary Immunity through manipulation of CFTRProfessor Joe KeaneTrinity College Dublin
Breakthrough Cancer ResearchAn investigation of the utility of exhaled breath condensate to detect sub-clonal
mutations in early stage lung adenocarcinoma
Professor Bryan HennessyRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Irish Nephrology SocietyImproving the diagnostic rate and prognostic value of genomic testing in polycystic kidney diseaseProf. Gianpiero CavalleriRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Fighting BlindnessHigh-throughput sequencing of inherited and multifactorial macula disease associated genes and risk factors allows identification of genetic interactions and ModifiersProf Frans CremersRadboud University
Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency Action FoundationDevelopment of pharmacological chaperones stabilizing FGE for therapeutic intervention in Multiple Sulfatase DeficiencyProf. Thomas DierksBielefeld University

Round 9 Joint Funding Scheme 2018

CharityTitlePrinciple InvestigatorResearch InstitutionAmount
Diabetes IrelandTowards novel anti-infective with enhanced wound-healing for diabetic foot infections : Co2 releasing star shaped micro biocidal polymersDr Deirdre Fitzgerald-HughesRoyal College of surgeons in Ireland€207,33
Research Motor NeuronNovel Neurophysical Biomarkers of Heterogeneous Network Degeneration in Motor Neuron Disease for Quantifying the Progression and Outcome in Clinical TrialsDr Bahman NasseroleslamiTrinity College Dublin€341,62
Research Motor NeuronIncorporation of sensor technology to provide clinical meaningfulness for existing standardised measurement scales in Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisDr Deirdre MurrayTrinity College Dublin€213,89
AlphaOneThe role of sialylated-alpha-1 antitrypsin in resolution of acute and chronic inflammationDr Emer ReevesRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland€319,32
Epilepsy IrelandThe microbiome as an environmental trigger for autoimmune epilepsy (MICA)Professor Gianpiero CavalleriRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland€171,35
Fighting BlindnessElucidation of the role of SARM1 in retinal homeostasis and oxidative stress induced retinal degenerationDr Sarah DoyleTrinity College Dublin€341,78
Irish Thoracic SocietyEvaluating a novel macrolide based early intervention in the clinical management of chronicProfessor Fergal O’GaraUniversity College Cork€115,00
Irish Cancer SocietyPreoperative Exercise to Improve Fitness in Patients Undergoing Complex Surgery for Cancer of the Lung or OesophagusProfessor Juliette HusseyTrinity College Dublin€326,75
MSD Action FoundationCompound library screening in a zebrafish model of MSD to identify novel therapeutic compoundsProfessor David RubinszteinUniversity of Cambridge€105,71
MSD Action FoundationAutophagy induction as a novel therapeutic strategy for MSDProfessor Andrea BallabioFondazione Telethon€98,90
Breakthrough Cancer ResearchEvaluation of the role of MxA and ISGylation in chemosensitivity in oesophageal cancerProfessor Sharon McKennaUniversity College Cork€155,71
Breakthrough Cancer ResearchGold-drug: Targeting a novel dual inhibitor drug with gold nanoparticles for improving radiation response in oesophageal cancerProfessor Jacintha O’SullivanTrinity College Dublin€331,86
Breakthrough Cancer ResearchCombining Electrochemotherapy with a Toll Like receptor agonist for the treatment of lung cancerDr Patrick FordeUniversity College Cork€158,29

Round 8 Joint Funding Scheme 2016

CharityPrinciple InvestigatorTitle
Diabetes Ireland Research AllianceProf Timothy O’BrienIdentifying the Aetiology of Diabetic Progenitor Cell Dysfunction in Osteoporosis
Irish Cancer Society, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Diabetes Ireland & The Irish Heart FoundationProf David HeveyPeer-to-peer motivational interview intervention for smoking, alcohol and physical activity among at-risk adolescents in low SES communities: A Feasibility trial
Cystinosis IrelandDr Minnie SarwalTargeting Autophagy in Nephropathic Cystinosis
Cystinosis IrelandProf Elena LevtchenkoUnravelling the mechanisms of Azoospermia and potential future treatments in male Cystinosis patients
Epilepsy IrelandProf David HenshallMicroRNAs in the mechanism of ketogenic diet therapies and as biomarkers in paediatric Epilepsy
Irish Nephrology SocietyProf Mark LittleAVERT: Autoimmunity Relapse Prediction Using Multiple Parallel Data Sources
Fighting BlindnessProf James LoughmanPioneering Advances for Control of Myopia in Children- The Shield Initiative
Fighting BlindnessProf Jane FarrarApplication of Next Generation Sequencing for the Genetic Characterisation of Irish Retinal Degeneration Patients
Arthritis IrelandProf Anthony Gerry WilsonAn Investigation of the mechanisms linking C5orf30 with tissue damage in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Arthritis IrelandProf Ursula Fearon Resolution of inflammation by metabolic reprogramming in the inflamed joint
The Irish Thoracic SocietyProf Joseph KeaneTowards host-directed therapies to overcome immune impairment in cigarette smokers during mycobacterial infection
Muscular Dystrophy IrelandProfessor Kay OhlendieckComparative mass spectrometric profiling of the dystrophin complexome in normal versus pathological muscles with differing degrees of fibre degeneration
Muscular Dystrophy IrelandDr Melissa BowermanRole of TWEAK/Fn14 pathway in mediating muscle pathology in SMA
St Patricks Mental Health HospitalProf Declan McLoughlinKetamine for Relapse Prevention in Recurrent Depressive Disorder: a randomised, controlled pilot trial (The KINDRED Trial)
Breakthrough Cancer ResearchDr Mark TangneyBacteria in Human Tumours

Round 7 Joint Funding Scheme 2014

CharityResearch InstitutionPrincipal InvestigatorTitle
Alpha OneRCSIDr Emer P. ReevesAltered lipid raft cholesterol content contributes to the dysregulated activity of neutrophils in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
Alpha OneRCSIProfessor Noel McElvaneyAlpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency: Which is important phenotype, level, activity or all three?
Fighting BlindnessUniversity College DublinDr Breandan KennedyIdentification of drugs that can safely and effectively maintain visual function in models of inherited retinal degeneration
Fighting BlindnessQueen’s University BelfastDr Giuliana SilvestriInherited Retinal Degenerations: All Ireland Retinal Degenerations Partnership (AIRDP)
Royal Victoria Eye and EarRoyal College of Surgeons in IrelandProfessor Conor MurphyRestoring immune balance in patients with patients with primary Sjogrens Syndrome (pSS) by modulating microRNA expression
Irish Thoracic SocietyUniversity College CorkProfessor Fergal O’GaraInvestigate the impact of bile aspiration on chronic respiratory infection – Bile Paradigm
Cystinosis IrelandThe University of AucklandProfessor Alan J. DavidsonModelling cystinosis with human stem cells and the therapeutic potential of aspartate
Cystinosis IrelandUniversity of FloridaProfessor Anuj ChauhanDrug Eluting Contact Lenses for Cystinosis Therapy

Round 6 Joint Funding Scheme 2013

CharityPrincipal InvestigatorProject Title
Alpha One FoundationDr Emer P. ReevesPost-translational modifications modify the anti-inflammatory
effect of alpha-1 antitrypsin
Children’s Fund for Health LtdDr Sally Ann LynchIdentification of the genetic causes of developmental delay with mitochondrial dysfunction in the Irish Traveller population
 Epilepsy Ireland Dr Naomi Elliott The collaborative development of an evidence-based educational resource for self-disclosure strategies for people with epilepsy. (How-To-Tell)
 Fighting Blindness Prof. Jane Farrar Genetic characterisation of a cohort of Irish retinal degeneration patients
 Friends of the Rotunda Professor Fergal Malone The HANDLE Study: HEMODYNAMIC Assessment in pregnancy and neonatal Echocardiography assessment. A study identifying Abnormal Hemodynamic Profiles in Pregnancy as a Predictor of Adverse Obstetric Outcome and Characterisation of Neonatal Myocardial Performance in Infants.
 Irish Cancer Society Professor Pamela Gallagher Self-Management for Head and Neck Cancer Survivors: Living Well With and Beyond HNC
 Irish Thoracic Society Prof Noel Gerard McElvaney Ignoring the Nonsense – Personalised Medicine for Genetic Lung Disorders
 Irish Thoracic Society Dr Barry Plant Clinical implications and utility of an endotoxin-tolerant state in cystic fibrosis


Round 5 Joint Funding Scheme 2012

CharityPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleResearch Institution
Alpha One FoundationDr Emer ReevesRegulation of neutrophil membrane receptor profile and signalling by serum alpha-1 antitrypsin.RCSI
Children’s Fund for HealthProf. Eileen TreacyGalactosaemia, a modifiable multi-system glycosylation disorder?Children’s University Hospital Temple Street
Irish Cancer SocietyB. Therese KinsellaThromboxane (TX)A2 -mediated PRK1 signalling in Prostate Cancer:University College Dublin
Fighting BlindnessProf Jane FarrarExploration of AAV-delivered gene therapies for LHONTCD
BrainwaveProfessor Agnes HigginsAn evaluation of the role of the Epilepsy Specilist Nurse and the impact on patient quality of lifeRCSI
BrainwaveDr Veronica LambertDemystify the veil of secrecy: a mixed method inquiry of parent-child dialogue about epilepsy and its associated stigmaDublin City University
Research Foundation Royal Victoria Eye and Ear HospitalDr Caroline JefferiesProfilling Toll-loke receptor responses in patients with primary Sjogren’s syndromeRCSI
The Alzheimer Society of IrelandBrian LawlorCognitive function, caregiver stress an cortisol: Mechanisms and implications for prvention of adverse health consequences in spouseTrinity College Dublin
National Chilldren’s Research Centre/Children’s Medical and Research FoundationDr Sean EnnisThe characterization of recessive mutations in homozygous haplotypes implicated in Autism Sepctrum DisordersNational Chrildren’s Research Centre, Crumlin Hospital
Bee For Battens , The Saoirse FoundationDr Jonathan CooperGlial dysfunctino in muktiple forms of NCL: new directions for therapyInstitute of Psychiatry, Kings College London
Bee For Battens , The Saoirse FoundationSteven J GrayGlobal Gene Transfer for the treatment of Batten DiseaseThe University of North Carolina at Chapel hill

Round 4 Joint Funding Scheme 2011

CharityPrincipal InvestigatorHost InstitutionProject TitleDuration
Alpha OneEmer ReevesRCSIControl of lipid induced granule exocytosis in neutrophils: therapeutic potential of alpha-1 antitrypsin.3 Years
Alpha OneDavid BerginRCSIThe role of carbohydrate residues in Alpha-1 antitrypsin anti-protease and anti-inflammatory properties.3 Years
BrainwaveDavid C. HenshallRCSIGenome-wide DNA methylation analysis of hippocampus from patients with pharmacoresistant temporal lobe epilepsy.1 Year, 6 Months
Cystic Fibrosis Association of IrelandEileen SavageUCCNational Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety in Patients with cystic fibrosis and Parents: Impact on Health and Quality of Life.3 Years
Cystic Fibrosis Association of IrelandMarguerite ClyneUCDThe role of mucus and mucins in mediating Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization of the cystic fibrosis lung.3 Years
Diabetes Federation of IrelandRonan ConroyRCSIWhat factors influence self-care and Quality of Life in young Irish adults (aged 23-30) with Type 1 diabetes?1 Year
Fighting BlindnessPeter HumphriesTCDExploration of the candidacy of RPE65 in the etiology of adRP with choroidal involvement3 Years
Fighting BlindnessJane FarrarTCDStem cell therapies for the treatment of diverse retinal disorders.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyCiaran MorrisonNUIGCentrosome amplification and radiosensitisation of prostate cancer cells.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyLaura Barkley – EllimanNUIGTherapeutic microRNA control of Prostate Cancer growth.1 Year, 6 Months
Multiple Sclerosis IrelandUna FitzgeraldNUIGPolymer-mediated delivery of endoplasmic reticulum stress altering siRNA to oligodendroyctes in a cerebellar rat brain slice model of de- and remyelination.3 Years
National Childrens Research CharitySally Ann LynchUCDIndentifying recessive genes for primary ciliary dyskinesia, microepaly and dilated cardiomyopathy.2 years
National Childrens Research CharitySean EnnisNCRCGenomics of paediatric autism spectrum disorder3 Years

Round 3 Joint Funding Scheme 2009

CharityPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleDuration
Alpha OneProf Noel G McElvaneyAccelerated neurophil apoptosis is associated with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency3 Years
Alpha OneDr Catherine GreenePhosphatidylinositol 3-Kinasd (PI3K): a molecular target of ER stress induced by Z alpha -1 antitrypsin?3 Years
Association of Friends of St. Patricks HospitalProf Paul FearonMeasuring quality of care in an Irish Mental Health Service Context3 Years
Brainwave: The Irish Epilepsy AssociationDr Evelyn T BurkeHeritability of cognitive endophenotypes in temporal lobe epilepsy: A neuropsychological investigation1 Year 6 months
Brainwave: The Irish Epilepsy AssociationDr Gianpiero CavalleriA pharmacogenomic study of chronic refractory epilepsy3 Years
Children’s Medical and Research FoundationDr Maureen J O’SullivanThe role of Epigenetic Modification and miRNAs in the Development of Pediatric Gastrointestinal Stromal tumour (GIST)3 Years
Cystinosis Foundation IrelandDr Philip NewsholmeMolecular mechanisms of muscle myopathy and pancreatic beta cell dysfunction associated with Cystinosis: Determination of optimal approaches for cell protection3 Years
Duchenne IrelandDr Helge AmthorCan exon skipping therapy restore the mitrochondiral metabolism in animal models for DMD1 Year
Duchenne IrelandProf Volker StraubIdentifying the biodistribution of antisense oligonucleotides in the mdx mouse by Magnetic Resonance Imaging2 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyDr Mark LawlerHypermethylation in prostate cancer: further evaluation of GSTP1, SFRP2 and IGFBP3 as prognostic biomarkers and unmasking of epigenetically controlled miRNAs3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyDr Rosemary O’ConnorTo determine how RACK1 regulations cell migration during tissue morpohgenesis and tumorigenesis using 3D culture model systems3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyProf Afshin SamaliUncoupling of death receptor-induced nuclear factor kappa B activation from apoptosis3 Years

Round 2 Joint Funding Scheme 2007

CharityPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleDuration
Alpha OneProf N.G.McElvaneyAnti-inflammatory effect of Alpha 1-antitrypsin on the phagocytic neutrophil3 Years
Irish Heart FoundationProf J FeelyChoice of antihypertensive agent in newly diagnosed patients and in those patients not responding to therapy2 Years
Irish Heart FoundationDr B HynesCardiac Angiogenesis: “Cell Based Bypass” of chronic vascular occlusions2 Years
Cystic FibrosisDr C GallagherGender Differences in Muscle Dysfunction and Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Cystic Fibrosis3 Years
CystinosisDr Patrick HarrisonDevelopment of an in vitro gene repair kit: towards a cure for cystinosis3 Years
CystinosisDr Minnie SarwalInvestigation of a Mechanism That Can Prevent Renal Injury in the Patients with Nephropathic Cystinosis.3 Years
DEBRADr Jane FarrarEvaluation of RNAi-based therapeutic approaches for dominant dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa3 Years
Diabetes Federation of IrelandSean DinneenThe Galway Diabetic Foot Study: Epidemiology, Cost, Feasibility, and Implications for Clinical Practice and Policy3 Years
Fighting BlindnessJane FarrarExploration of stem cell-based therapies for retinal degenerations3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyTom CotterRedox regulation of apoptosis modulating survival pathways in re-current tumours3 Years
Irish Cancer Society Shaun McCannInfusion of mesenchymal stem cells in patients with steroid resistant acute grade II to IV GvHD: a prospective double-blind randomized study3 Years

Round 1 Joint Funding Scheme

CharityPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleDuration
Research Institute for a Tobacco Free SocietyProfessor Luke Clancy‘The effect of the Irish workplace smoking ban on birth weight and gestational age at birth’.1 Year
Research Institute for a Tobacco Free SocietyDr. Patrick Goodman‘A study of environmental tobacco smoke exposure within unexempted premises – nursing homes as defined in the Public Health Acts 2002 and 2004’.2 Years
Mater FoundationProfessor P. Ronan O’ Connell‘Investigation of fibroblast gene expression profiles associated with the development of fibrostenosing phenotype in Crohns disease’.3 Years
Mater FoundationDr. Maria ByrneThe effect of Insulin therapy on beta cell survival in patients with Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY) 3′3 Years
Alpha One FoundationThomas P. Carrol‘Elucidation of unfolded protein response pathways activated in lung and liver disease associated with XZ alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency’.3 years
Alpha One FoundationCatherine M. Greene‘Identification and characterisation of novel proinflammatory proteases that exacerbate lung disease associated with Z Alpha -1 antitrypsin deficiency’.3 Years
Muscular Dystrophy IrelandProfessor Kay Ohlendieck‘Identification of novel biomakers in dystrophic heart and muscle fibres using comparative proteconomics’3 Years
Muscular Dystrophy IrelandJoe Mooney‘Safety testing of an antisense oligonucleotide for exon 51 skipping in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy’.1 Year
Fighting BlindnessMr. Stephen Beatty‘Spatial profile of macular pigment in relation to risk for age-related macular degeneration’.3 Years
Fighting BlindnessBrendan N. Kennedy‘Directing retinal stem cells to become functionally integrated coen photoreceptors in host retinas’.3 Years
Fighting BlindnessMarius Ader‘The development of cell based therapies for the treatment of photoreceptor degeneration in mouse models of retinitis pigmentosa’.3 Years
Fighting BlindnessPeter Humphries‘On the molecular pathology of retinal degradation caused by mutations within the IMPDH1 gene’.3 Years
Diabetes Federation of IrelandDr. Donal O’ Shea‘Adipocyte size and type 2 diabetes in obesity – a study of patients undergoing bariatric surgery’.3 Years
The Cystic Fibrosis Association of IrelandEdward F. McKone‘Genetic modifiers of the cystic fibrosis phenotype’.3 Years
DEBRA IrelandProfessor Abhay Pandit‘A biodegradable nanoshell for targeted gene delivery of type VII collagen’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyDermot Kelleher‘Tribbles homolog 3 a novel regulator of carcinogen signalling in oesophageal cells’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyProfessor Mark Lawlor‘Identifying and evaluating novel methylation biomakers in prostate cancer’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietySharon McKennaInfluence of Bcr-Abl on ER initiated apoptosis, and novel targeting strategies for Bcr-Abl expressing leukemias’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyProfessor Gerald C. O’ SullivanImmune reactivity to foregut cancers- investigation into mechanism of oral tolerance’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyDr. Wiliam Watson‘Proteonomic analsyis of urine from prostate cancer patients – translating the proteonome to clinical biomarkers’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyJohn Reynolds‘Identification and validation of early predcitive serums markers of response to neoadjuvent radiochemotherapy in rectal and oesophageal cancer’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyVerna Amberger – Murphy‘Investigation in signalling pathways in high grade glioma in order to predict responsiveness to tyrosine kinase inhibitors’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyMargaret McGee‘Small molecule cycophilin A inhibitors as novel anticancer therapeutics’.3 Years
Irish Cancer SocietyProfessor Stephen Eustace‘A targeted contrast agent for multiple myeloma’3 Years
Irish Heart FoundationDr. R Watson‘Analysis of neutrophil migratory potential as a predictive marker of human cardiac transplant rejection’.3 Years
Irish Heart FoundationThomas Barron‘Long term adherence to cardiovascular therapy in Irish populations’.2 Years
Irish Heart FoundationDr. Emma Stokes‘FAME – a randomized controlled trial of family mediated exercise intervention following a stroke’.3 Years
Irish Heart FoundationDr. James O’ Donnell‘Development of the endogenous thrombin potential assay as a novel approach to characterising global coagulation status in patients with arterial thrombosis’.2 Years
The Childrens Medical and Research FoundationProfessor JM Redmond‘Omega 3 fatty acid and glutamine pretreatment’.2 Years
The Childrens Medical and Research FoundationDr. Niamh O’ Sullivan‘Rapid early detection and molecular profiling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates in Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Patients3 Years
Meningitis Research FoundationDr. Ed Lavelle‘The identification of novel immunomodulatory factors from Neisseria memingitidis subgroup B’.3 Years
Asthma Society of IrelandJohn L. Faul‘The role of natural T cells in human asthma’.3 Years
Cystinosis Foundation of IrelandDr. Donal Cairns‘Design, formulation and biological evaluation of novel prodrugs for the treatment of Cystinosis’.2 Years

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