LGBT Awareness Workshop

HRCI is delighted to invite our members and PPI Ignite colleagues to join our LGBT+ awareness workshop on Wednesday, September 14th from 2.30 – 5.30pm.

There is an obvious need for more inclusivity and diversity within the PPI Landscape- with this in mind we have asked Collette O’Regan from LGBT Ireland to speak to us about the terminology, issues and barriers faced by members of the LGBT community. Although this is a general workshop on the realities of being LGBT in Ireland, we believe it will be very relevant in your PPI in research activities.

The workshop itself is 3 hours in duration and covers the following:

• overview of LGBT Ireland services, callers and issues;

• exploring the coming out experience;

• understanding heteronormativity / cis-normativity and how these impact LGBT+ people as well as spectrums of sexual orientation / gender identity / gender expression;

• LGBTI+ mental health research findings;

• how to be an LGBTI+ ally and be LGBTI+ inclusive in your work / services

Due to the discussion-based nature of the event, a hybrid option is unfortunately not possible.