Making a Start: A toolkit for research charities to begin a PPI relationship

Stages of PPI workshop

How do we begin the conversation about research involvement with patients and the public? This new PPI toolkit helps health research charities and others starting on the journey to tackle this challenge. It offers particular guidance on facilitating a first workshop with PPI contributors.

It was developed in partnership by TCD PPI Ignite, HRCI and our member charities and the facilitator of a UK PPI-focused group of research charities and took a co-design approach to the process. The many different perspectives included have resulted in a well-rounded and thoughtful toolkit, designed to make you think about what is important in PPI as much as to help you in very practical ways to take your first steps.

Huge thanks to our collaborators Michael Foley, Sarah Bowman and Prof Mary McCarron of TCD PPI Ignite and Bec Hanley of the Charities Research Involvement Group, UK. We are also very grateful to our wonderful former HRCI colleague Clodagh O’Donovan and to all who are mentioned in the document foreword.

We are delighted for anyone to use the toolkit to support their own PPI activities. If you do, we would be grateful if you would reference the source. We would also be very grateful for feedback, so that we can improve and grow the toolkit over time.

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