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Essential HRCI membership criteria

The HRCI Board will verify these criteria in reviewing your membership application.

Full membership of HRCI is open to charities that:

  • Are based in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Have, or seek to have, a health, medical or social care research focus.
  • Are registered with the Charities Regulator (i.e. must have a CRA number).
  • Have been approved by their Board to be compliant with the Charities Governance Code.

Associate membership of HRCI is open to charities that fulfil the same criteria, with the exception that:

  • They may be registered in another country but confirm that they will register with the
    Charities Regulator in Ireland within the two-year period of joining HRCI.
  • If not already compliant, they must indicate their intention to become compliant with the Charities Governance Code within the two-year period of joining HRCI.

Associate members must be committed to upgrading to full membership within two years. They should inform HRCI if they are not registered with the Charities Regulator or compliant with the Governance Code before their transition to Full Membership.

Additional HRCI membership requirements

The HRCI Board will also consider these requirements when reviewing your membership
application. All applicant organisations should:

  • Be committed to meeting the needs of patients, carers, service-users and/or members of
    their respective communities, through research. Additionally, it should be within their
    values to have a focus on patient and public involvement (PPI), which may be known by a different terminology, in their research activities, such as involving patients in the research cycle or including service users on a research committee.
  • Be willing to contribute to the HRCI community and support the goals and values of HRCI.

Member Fees

Fees are based on the member’s most recent accounts filed with the Charities Regulator and are invoiced on a pro rata basis in the first year of membership, depending on the month of joining.

HRCI Membership Fee Structure

Click here to access the Full Membership Application form

Click here to access the Associate Membership Application form

HRCI’s code of conduct for members helps us to ensure that we remain a welcoming and collaborative community that is enjoyable to be part of.

The HRCI Membership policy provides further information on membership benefits,  criteria, fees and payment policy.

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