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PPI in the Joint Funding Scheme

PPI is integrated throughout the Joint Funding Scheme (see the tabs on the left for more about this scheme). There are specific questions set out in the application form on PPI. In addition, at the Review Panel meeting, PPI is reviewed in the applications and a PPI rating contributes to the consensus panel score. It is therefore important to think about PPI from the very start of planning a research project and submitting an application to the Joint Funding Scheme.

HRCI has produced three case studies of PPI excellence in Joint Funding Scheme applications.  We’ve added a new case study from the 2021-2022 round of the scheme.  These applications received very high PPI ratings in past rounds of the scheme.  The case studies outline the PPI plans and activities the applicants had laid out.  You can read them below and we thank the applicants and the HRCI members that they submitted their proposals to, for allowing us to share their excellent plans.

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