The Health Research Landscape in Ireland- What Researchers Say

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May 2014

This report seeks to provide a snapshot of the evolving health research landscape in Ireland, at a time of considerable change and challenge. The report seeks to reflect the views of a wide range of key stakeholders including patient groups, funders, policy makers, academics and industry, with a particular emphasis on capturing the views of \’frontline\’ health researchers in ireland.

The Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG), which commissioned this report, brings together 36 patient groups and research charities (see annex one). We hope through this report and the research forum proposed in its conclusions, we will succeed in creating a \’space\’ for an open and constructive discussion on the health research environment in ireland. The report aims to be strategic, forward looking and constructive, without glossing over the very real challenges for funding and sustaining health research in ireland in a difficult economic environment. Reading this report it is clear that the current economic challenges have not only impacted on funding for health research, but perhaps more crucially, have slowed the development of an effective policy framework to underpin health research in Ireland.


Commissioned by the Medical Research Charities Group.

Written by Professor Bernie Hannigan

Published in May 2014