Tweetchat: Public & Patient Involvement in Industry research



Wed 29th of Jan at 8pm.


Use the hashtag #IndustryPPI to join the conversation


Recently the Charities Research Involvement Group (CRIG), supported by Health Research Charities Ireland (HRCI), developed a guide for charities, entitledSupporting patient and public involvement in industry-led research’. On the morning of Jan 29th, HRCI will host a briefing in Dublin on the guide and the topic it addresses. The guide focuses on partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry but much of it is also applicable to other healthcare industries.

HRCI (@HRCIreland) and members of the CRIG (@SLGInvolvement) will host the chat.

Who should join in?

Anyone with an interest in the development of new medicines and healthcare interventions. This will include patients, patient organisations, health research charities, pharmaceutical companies, other healthcare industries, regulators etc. There is no need to have prior experience or knowledge of the topic.

Why this topic?

It is increasingly recognised that public and patient involvement (PPI) in research can improve the quality and relevance of the research, can help with clinical trial retention and recruitment and can ultimately achieve more meaningful impact for patients. While great strides are being made in academic research, PPI progress has been slower in industry-led research. The challenges are big, ranging from different working practices, to a fear of been seen to breach industry codes of practice by pharmaceutical companies, to challenges for charities in working across the non-profit/for-profit divide.

Despite the challenges, good examples of successful partnerships are emerging and we can see a future where it becomes the norm. Getting to that point however will require discussion, guidance and a little bit of bravery on both sides.

Join us on the chat to share your views. To help you to start thinking about your contributions, here are the questions that we will pose over the course of the chat.

Q1. Why has PPI in industry-led research been slow to develop?

Q2. How will industry will be persuaded of the value of PPI?

Q3. How will charities overcome possible nervousness about working with industry?

Q4. How can we ensure an increase in the quality and quantity of PPI in industry-led research into the future?

Note: you should precede your answers with A1-A4, to indicate which question you are responding to and always include the hashtag #IndustryPPI.


Tweetchat hosts

  • Avril Kennan, CEO of HRCI and question poser: @avrilkennan
  • Claire Nolan, PPI consultant and lead author of the guide: @_cenolan
  • Bec Hanley, Facilitator, CRIG: @BecHanley1
  • Natasha Ratcliffe, Research Involvement Manager, Parkinsons UK: @_nratcliffe
  • Lorna Allen, PPI Coordinator for the Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform: @alloonsl

Special guests

Jane Taylor, Patient Advocate and Versus Arthritis PIP Chair: @jmdtaylor1

Derek Stewart, Patient advocate and Twitter king: @DerekCStewart

Sheuli Porkess, Exec Dir Research, Medical, Innovation Association of British Pharmaceutical Companies: @SheuliPorkess